Virtual Credit Card? What To Look Out For…

Probably the most notable activities taking place online today is selling and buying which is called e-commerce. Plenty of internet users are searching for items that will resolve their problem or perhaps enable them to understand more about a subject or demanding issue.


An image of instant virtual credit card

An image of instant virtual credit card

It is nevertheless noticed that many of these users have difficulties getting credit cards for his or her transactions and a few that have tend to be afraid of making use of it online due to the fear of losing their own cards to on-line hackers and scammers.

To resolve this issue, business application developers created the Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Exactly what is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

It’s a non-plastic pre-paid credit/debit card intended for transactions. The main distinction between a normal credit card and vcc is you can’t see or feel a virtual card i.e. it’s not physical in contrast to the plastic card which you’ll see and touch. Just like the regular credit card, it might be a Master or Visa Card with the details of an ordinary card. Additionally, it offers the regular credit card numbers, CVV/CVV2 Numbers and also Expiry Date.

You can use them in standard online transactions as well as for verifications online on a website including Amazon, eBay, AlertPay, Facebook and so on. There aren’t any limitations to the type of transactions that may be made with a VCC. There is no special method of obtaining the cards. There are lots of internet sites online selling them. Many of them accept payment for your cards via Paypal and Liberty Reserve. You just need to place an order and then pay for the equivalent amount for that card denomination you require.

Even though VCCs have a great deal of advantages, some websites may possibly request you to scan and send VCC you used in transaction on their website to verify your own name on the virtual credit card.

Enjoy online shopping using your VCC.



Top Five Banks that offer Free Checking Accounts

2015 has witnessed the great efforts some banks have made to improve on their basic free checking accounts to include provisions such as reward programs, bill pay, and free money manageme


nt software. In addition to these provisions that add value to the Bank’s services, some checking accounts also do not require one to pay any fees in terms of out-of-network ATM withdrawals and overdrafts. As a result of these offers, it is estimated by the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau that the average client who incurs these fees could potentially save up to $200 annually, by making the switch to a bank which offers free checking accounts that offer the following features:

Access to Money saving programs upon signing up

Adequate access to ATM’s that require no-fees

No overdraft fees

Picture of credit card processing

Picture of credit card processing

No non-sufficient balance fees

Overdraft protection

Top Five Banks that offer Free Checking Accounts

  1. Internet Banks: Capital One 360

Internet Banks offer those who are technologically savvy an option of opening free checking accounts online. One key characteristic of internet banks is that they effectively save one vast amounts of money because they do not have charges that cover any operating expenses, as they have no physical bank branches. Furthermore, they also offer their clients the advantage of acquiring higher interest payments.

Capital One 360 is the best, and most trusted financial brand within the internet banking industry. It possesses a large network, approximately 40,000, of ATM’s across the nation that do not require account holders to pay any fee. They also offer an excellent mobile, online platform that is easily accessible and maintained. Key features of Capital One 360 free checking accounts include:

No minimum fees

No hidden fees

One’s money earns interest (0.20% APY on any balances that are less than $50,000)

Access to 2,000 Capital One® ATM’s

Access to 38,000 fee-free Allpoint® ATM’s

No charges in the process of acquiring a Debit Card or a MasterCard

One Free Check book

No overseas transaction fees

Mobile Check Deposits that also come with CheckMateSM

  1. Ally Bank

Also considered to be an Interest Checking Account, Ally Bank offers individuals the option of opening free checking accounts that can earn up to 0.10% APY. Ally Bank allows one to deposit checks with a mobile application or with a scanner, and also provides free deposit envelopes for those who prefer to send their checks directly to the bank. In addition, individuals have the opportunity to earn some money through using their debit card after signing up with the Ally Perks Program. One can also use the Popmoney® feature which allows for the movement of funds between non Ally accounts and Ally accounts. Therefore, the key features that make this bank one of the top five banks offering free checking accounts are:

An image of couple who needs free checking account

An image of couple who needs free checking account

Popmoney®- Also functions as a great micro-payment solution as it enables individuals to pay anyone wherever they are on the globe via text or email.

Requires no monthly fee for maintenance

Requires no minimum balance

Has a 24/7 customer care service

Enables one to deposit checks remotely using Ally eCheck Deposit℠

Ally ATM’s require no fees

  1. Salem Five Direct- eOne Checking

The eOne Checking account offered by Salem Five Direct presents individuals with the opportunity to gain decent earnings across the board. An added advantage of this account is that it offers reimbursements on all third party fees that do not have limits. Other key features include:

Requires no minimum opening balance or deposit

Accounts yield 0.25% per year

Accounts offer holders reimbursements on all ATM related charges that one may incur from other financial institutions

5 free checkbooks

Mobile bill pay and check deposits

  1. KeyBank

Considered one of the bets hassle-free accounts, KeyBank offers free checking accounts that require no minimum balance or deposit, no bounced check fees(as the bank does not offer paper checks), no overdraft, no monthly fees, and no NSF fees. The best feature of the free checking account is the Relationship Rewards Program which allows account holders to earn points from using their debit cards and accounts.

  1. FNBO Direct Online Checking Account

At the bottom of the list is FNBO’s checking account owing to the fact that unlike those listed above, this account requires that an individual deposit a minimum of $1 upon signing up, which in my opinion is a negligible amount. The account offers a good bargain in returns as it provides attractive yields on all of the account holder’s balances. Other key features of the services provided are:

No minimum balance requirements

Nice mobile platform- Send and receive money direct from friends and relatives at no charge

0.65% annual yield on all balances

No charge on FNBO Direct ATM withdrawals


Overdraft Protection Program- One can opt to pay an annual overdraft fee that will exempt them from having transactions that might cause an overdraft

All in all, it is evident that the standard checking accounts now pose more risk of one losing their heard earned cash in charges and fees during banking activities. Normal checking accounts that require minimum deposits or balances also come along with outrageous service fees and numerous visits to the bank. However, free checking accounts offer the best solution for this issue, whilst also offering incentives such as reimbursement programs and no ATM fees. The checking accounts listed within this article offer the best annual yield rates, require little to no minimum deposit or balance, possess mobile platforms through which banking transactions can take place, and offer individuals who wish to save more, with options that can work to suit, as well as meet, their needs.


The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get An Annual Credit Report

Knowing your credit score is very critical in the world we live in today. It will help you get credits and loans at rates that align with your credit history. As you probably know, your credit history is what will determine whether or not a lender will extend you credit or lend you money.

If you have a good credit score, it will be easier for you to get loans from banks and lenders or financial institutions. You will also be rewarded with repaying the loans with interest rates that are much lower. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Most people actually do not take their time to determine what their score is even when they clearly understand that a higher score is better compared to a lower one. If you are smart enough, you should not make that mistake.

Excellent Credit Score

Excellent Credit Score

The following are the top five reasons why you should get an annual credit report.

  1. Knowing Your True Financial Situation

Getting a credit report yearly will help you know where you stand financially. It will help you to know the hard, cold facts about your financial situation.

If you do not know your credit score, it can be very easy to live in denial of your true financial situation. But once you understand the credit score, it will sum up everything for you and take you back to reality.

It is very easy to tell yourself that things are going well if you pay most of your bills on time. However, there is no way that you can argue with numbers. From your credit report, you will be able to determine whether you are in good shape as you thought, or whether you need to make some changes with immediate effect in order to improve your credit score.

The last thing you want is to go to a loan office and find that your credit score is below average. When you get your credit report annually, you will be able to save yourself this embarrassment and also stand a better chance of coming out ahead when you enter the negotiation arena.

  1. Detecting Fraud

Another reason why getting a credit report annually is very important is that it helps you to detect fraud. If you come across social security numbers that do not belong to you, names that you do not recognize, as well as accounts that you do not recognize, it is an indicator that you are a fraud victim.

Another possibility that you are a victim of fraud is if your credit score is much lower than you think it should be. For instance, if you have little to no debt, you pay your bills on time, and you do not do anything odd with your credit but your score is low, it could be a sign that something is not right.


Getting your credit report yearly will help you identify these errors and take the necessary measures to solve them. Whether you find small or large errors, it is important to get them fixed as fast as possible in order to prevent them from affecting your credit scores.

Once you detect fraud on your credit report, you should contact the bureau you got the report from with your changes. You will get an amended report as soon as the changes have taken effect.

  1. Knowing Chances For Getting Loans Or Credits

It can be really frustrating and embarrassing to apply for a loan or credit with the hopes of getting it and then be turned down. Furthermore, your credit score is that factor that hugely determines how high your interest rates will be.

When you get credit reports annually, it will be easy for you to know your score ahead of time. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a fair offer depending on what your credit score is when you visit banks and other lenders to apply for loans or credits.

If there are any errors on your credit report that may cause the lenders to reduce the amount of loans or credits that you can qualify for, you can fix those errors and qualify for better loans and credits if you get the credit report annually.

  1. Boosting Your Credit Score

Another reason why you should get an annual credit report is that it will help you boost your credit score. Even though you will be displaying wisdom as well as financial responsibility if you pay off your credit card debt every month, there are other things that you can do in order to improve your credit score.

If the credit report shows that your credit score has been affected as a result of failure to pay bills on time, you can start paying your bills before the due date to improve the credit score – paying your balance before the due date lowers the utilization rate.

You can also boost your credit score by making multiple payments on your credit cards; by doing so, you will be able to pay off your balance much quicker, and you will also be able to utilize less of your available credit.

When you get a credit report, you may also improve your credit score by requesting a GoodWill Deletion if you come across negative remarks in your record. The bureau can expunge a number of negative remarks if your credit history is good.

  1. Managing Your Personal Finances

Getting an annual credit report can also help you manage your personal finances wisely. It is very important to review the credit report the same way you do to your credit card bills and bank statements.

The credit report will help you manage credit, keep track of your spending habits, and also put aside savings. All these are very important actions that should be taken if you are striving to be financially successful.

It is without doubt that getting your credit report annually is very important. Your credit score is a number that can have a large impact on many aspects of your life. It is very essential to determine what it is if you want to know the full picture of your financial health. The other contents of your credit report are also important to your credit history.